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Where Communities Care

It is now widely accepted that conservation and management of our natural resources cannot be done without the support and active participation of local communities.
Where communities care is part of a global series of regional surveys for the International Institute of Environment and Development’s (IIED) project, Evaluating Eden that assessed the impact of community-based wildlife management.

This process of wildlife and habitat conservation, allows communities to play an important role in the decision-making process. In this review of South Asian countries, the study covered diverse initiatives ranging from forestry and wetland and marine fisheries management to species protection with substantial community involvement. This compilation profiles the south Asian countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The book also takes a look at the history of conservation in these countries, gives an overview of community-based wildlife management and analyses its policy implications.

The book covers conservation policies, legislation, conflicts, and governmental and community-led conservation initiatives and stresses the need for a combined approach. The book is a result of extensive fieldwork. Interviews and interesting case studies highlight the work of grass-root level community participatory conservation initiatives. Detailed reports of each of these case studies have also been published as separate monographs. With relevant examples the review also explores the problems and contentious issues that still need to be tackled. The review summarises that community involvement in conservation has had significant positive ecological, social, economic and policy impacts.
By Ashish Kothari, Neema Pathak and Farhad Vania, Published by: IIED UK and Kalpavriksh - Environmental Action Group, India, Paperback; Price: Rs. 100/-

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