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Wolf Trails

Join the handsome Copperleaf wolf pack in their fascinating journey to freedom. The book opens in a fenced yard where wolves are imprisoned and kept in an animal experimentation laboratory by an unfeeling and cruel scientist with the support of ignorant and prejudiced locals.
"It didn’t occur to any of the townsfolk that no one there ever actually had any livestock killed by wolves, but nevertheless it was generally agreed that wolves cause cattle deaths." The pack manages to escape and looks forward to a free life in their natural habitat, but instead encounters the problems of living in a forested area surrounded by human habitation. This book is a touching wildlife saga that people of all ages will enjoy reading. The reader is taken through a whole gamut of emotions... through the lives of the wolves and their ultimate destiny. The young writer through this beautiful story brings home the point, "Men do very little which is not for their own gain, nor do they think ahead. What will they do when they have cleared all these forests? When there is no more wood with which to build? When the animals have left this valley and they starve?"

By Nik Sawe, Published by: Oak Group Publishing, India
Paperback; Price: Rs. 195/-

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