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Flowers of Sahyadri

Yellow, purple, bright pink, orange... a myriad hues greet the reader of Flowers of Sahyadri. Probably the first detailed field guide on the flora of the breathtaking Sahyadri ranges of the Western Ghats in peninsular India, this is a beautifully illustrated book. This valuable guide covers 500 flowers occurring in these ranges.
A mechanical engineer by profession, the author Shrikant Ingalhalikar is an ardent birdwatcher and photographer who has extensively trekked in the Sahyadris. His study of botany emerged from a keen interest in wild flowers on which he has written a number of articles and held exhibitions. In this book, Ingalhalikar uses simple descriptions, notes and charts to guide the reader in observing and identifying naturally-growing flowers in the hills of Western Ghats extending from Mumbai to Panaji and adjoining areas. The first few chapters underline this area of work and the art of flower watching.
Habitats, locations, identification tips and techniques used by Ingalhalikar in field studies and photography are also given. Botanical terms used in the book are listed with explanations for easy understanding. The plants included are grouped under four broad categories – trees, shrubs, climbers and herbs. The scientific and local name and the family is included for each flower with brief and precise descriptions. An alphabetical index with local and scientific name along with growth habit, flowering season, colour, size, range and abundance is also provided. The beautiful, close-up colour photographs of the flowers and flowering shoots undoubtedly add to the book's value. Using simple language in this compilation – a result of detailed and meticulous work – the author has made a valuable addition to plant literature. This beautifully-designed and well-produced book is an ideal travelling companion for your next trip to the Sahyadris.

By Shrikant Ingalhalikar, Published by: Shrikant Ingalhalikar
Paperback; Price: Not Stated

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