"Is the tiger a lost cause, or is there some reason for hope?" K. Ullas Karanth, one of India's best known tiger specialists asks and then goes on to convincingly make a case for tiger conservation and why he believes that wild tigers can survive.
A conservation zoologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society, the author has studied wild tigers for over 15 years. He has helped set up Wildlife First!, a conservation network that interacts with social activists and political leaders to resolve conflicts and work towards protection of the tiger in Karnataka. In Tigers, the author emphasises why scientific studies are essential for the process of tiger conservation. Richly illustrated with a profusion of colour photographs, the book is informative and takes the reader into the world of tigers. Karanth discusses the rationale behind saving tigers and why the primary challenge before us today is to channel the human fascination for the tiger to positive conservation action.
Karanth looks at the methods and results of scientific work such as radio-tracking and other methods used to count wild tigers. He also explains the evolution of tigers, their distribution across snow-bound Russia to the forests of India and the rest of Asia and how humans have interacted with tigers since prehistoric times. He gives you an overview of the natural habitats, prey species, and behaviour and biological needs of tigers and also delves into how modern science has helped replace traditional myths on tigers. The book also discusses the reasons why tiger populations are in decline – the main socio-economic threats to the tiger – habitat destruction for agriculture, development projects, exploitation of forest produce and hunting and poaching.
He summarises the conservation movement in India and efforts made so far to save the tiger before providing a compelling and ooptimistic raison d’être on why he believes that the tiger can be saved. He states that "wild tigers can survive the 21st century if we can temper our compassion for the animal with knowledge and pragmatism". An interesting and enlightening book on the critical issue of tiger conservation.

By K. Ullas Karanth, Published by: Colin Baxter Photography Ltd.
Hardcover; Price: Not Stated

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