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Forests of Kashmir

"The forest area of the State, covering an area of 2.02 million hectares, is forest in name only with most of it barren and degraded whose density cover does not entitle it to the definition of true forest.
We have so far cleared 145,365 hectares of forest of mature and ancient trees without caring to regenerate it in return."Kashmir was once known as a ‘paradise on earth’, renowned for its rich faunal and floral heritage and beautiful mountains and lakes.
Today the state lies ravaged by decades of exploitation. In Forests of Kashmir, Dr. M.A. Kawosa, the Chief Conservator of Forests in Jammu and Kashmir puts together an impressive document that provides data on present and past forest policies in the state. The initial chapters give detailed information on the forests, socio-economic conditions, land use, agriculture and the pressures on them. It includes details on wildlife management, policies and legislation, past history and the genesis of the national and state forest policies.
The volume then goes on to examine the need for a pragmatic forest policy that is in tune with the environmental needs of this fragile Himalayan ecosystem. The final chapters detail a draft forest policy prepared by the author. The forests of Kashmir have already been degraded and it is imperative that a proper policy framework is laid so that the remaining forests are protected.
By M.A. Kawosa, Published by: Natraj Publishers, Hardcover; Price: Rs. 550/-

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