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Journal of Ecological Society, Vol. 13 & 14, 2000-01

Did you know that Pune's biodiversity is richer than any other metropolis in the country? But increasing river pollution, urbanisation and cutting of trees is accelerating the process of degradation of Pune's environment.

Some startling and valuable data has been collected as part of a project, 'Pune Alive' over a period of two years by Ranwa, a Pune-based NGO.

The Journal of Ecological Society records such findings. Focussing on the biodiversity of Pune, the journal documents the changes in Pune's natural environment. Field studies on fungi and ant genera distribution, butterfly diversity, herb and tree diversity, aquatic insects and molluscs found in Pune city, decline of fish and amphibian species, reptiles and bird diversity, bats and wild mammals were carried out as part of this endeavour.

The studies reveal that Pune has lost much of its tree cover and native trees such as banyan, peepul and guava orchards have made way for eucalyptus and gulmohar, reducing the natural nesting habitats of birds. Many wildlife species are fast succumbing to development projects. While most of the findings reveal a decline in the number of trees, fish, mammals and birds, the study also has some good news and has recorded eight new bat species in Pune. The papers in the journal are devoted to highlighting the need to protect and conserve our urban biodiversity.

Published by: Ecological Society, Paperback; For private circulation

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