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The Call of the Snake

This is an enjoyable book written for kids as well as adults by Rahul Alvares, young author and snake protector.

Born and brought up in Goa, Rahul has always had a keen interest in all things natural, particularly reptiles. His interest encouraged him to train in the handling and rescue of snakes.

Most people know little about snakes but assume that all of them are poisonous and can kill humans with a single bite. Few realise the ecological importance of these reptiles. Snakes have suffered a great deal due to our fears, superstitions and religious beliefs. The book is an interesting collection of Rahul’s real life encounters with snakes and people’s reaction to them. He writes about the various species of snakes found in Goa and the myths surrounding them. Written in a simple style, the stories reflect the author’s humour and his dedication to wildlife.

He writes about pythons escaping from his care, of his attempts to breed snakes, of handling king cobras and even of getting bitten by non-poisonous snakes. His experiences in raising wild cats and scorpions are also included in the book. As Maneka Gandhi writes in her forward, “After you’ve read ‘The Call of the Snake’, you’ll see snakes differently. This book will definitely help you to understand snakes better and dispel unwarranted fears.
By Rahul Alvares, Published by: Other India Press, Paperback; Price: Rs. 110/-

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