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The Green Warrior

Conservationist and film maker Dr. Robin Banerjee till he passed away on August 6, 2003.

The Green Warrior, a biography about the man written by Monideepaa Borthaakur, chronicles his life, sheds light on his motivations and dreams and the various experiences the doctor turned conservationist had as he journeyed the world.

Banerjee was many things, including doctor, painter, sculptor, philanthropist and filmmaker, but above all he was guided by a passionate desire to protect and document this beautiful planet.

The book attempts to throw light on Banerjee’s 32 titled films on subjects as diverse as the flamingos of Peru, sharks, echidnas, the dragons of Komodo Island and the rhinoceros in his homeland of Assam. The book is replete with sometimes funny, sometimes exciting experiences the Padmashree winner had in his journeys across the world. Winner of 14 National and International awards, Dr. Banerjee devoted much of his efforts to educating children about the natural world they inhabit.

He was convinced that children would be the green warriors of tomorrow. The Green Warrior documents Banerjee’s drive to construct an auditorium at the Vivekananda Kendriya Vidyalaya, for children to view films on wildlife. However, it is possible that the author’s obvious respect and familiarity with Banerjee has coloured her perceptions. The language and writing style of the book also leaves much to be desired.
By Dr. Monideepaa Borthaakur, Published by: Published by Purbanchal Prakash, Hardcover; Price: Rs. 200/-

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