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Gear Review: WULF Pro K9 Camera Bag

Kaustav Patel reviews the WULF pro K9 camera bag.

The WULF pro K9 camera bag is currently the flagship product in the company’s camera bag lineup. The bag is compact enough for a person as carry-on baggage and it weighs in at around 2.9 kg. The reason for all that weight is the thick padding that is there to keep all your expensive gear safe in extreme conditions. It has adjustable waist and chest straps to keep the bag firmly in place and the latter can be removed when not required. The front two storage areas of the bag can hold camera accessories such as chargers, batteries, a flash kit and audio recorders. Then there is the main compartment, which can be accessed either by opening the main zip or opening it in two halves via another zip in the front. This allows easy access to the inside partitions.

Speaking of the inside, there are enough interchangeable dividers in the main compartment that can be added or removed to suit every pro-photographer’s needs. Wide angle, zoom or even a telephoto lens along with two pro-DSLR bodies should fit comfortably here. In fact, place your dividers right and it should be able to take in an entry level cinema camera from any major brand along with a few lenses. There are four more small storage areas in the main compartment, which can hold memory cards and ND filters. Finally, in the back, there is a compartment, which can fit a 38 cm. laptop and maybe a T-shirt too! On one side there is a holder, which will accommodate most compact aluminum or carbon fibre tripods, and on the other there is space for a one litre bottle.

The padding at the back is exactly what you expect from a flagship product and so is the stitching and the zips. The company says it has used fancy materials such as high quality nylon and YKK zippers, which keep the bag dust and water resistant, but just for that extra peace of mind they also give you a rain cover. This should keep your equipment dry, provided you don’t end up crossing a river with the bag completely submerged. For all you extreme users, the bag comes with a limited one year warranty, whose terms and conditions can be found online. As of September 2017 the pricing of the bag ranges from Rs.12,599 to Rs.14,849. Is it worth that money? The simple answer is yes if you are a pro and travel around with an 800 mm. lens and other expensive equipment. For others who might just be starting off or who are passionate about photography, WULF pro also has entry-level camera bags, information on which can be found on their website. The WULF pro K9 can be ordered online and has free shipping in India.

First appeared in: Sanctuary Asia, Vol. XXXVII No. 10, October 2017.


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