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Cere Series

February 2009: It is simple, its brief and most importantly, it’s about you. For all those baffled by climate change and the plethora of environmental issues being discussed today, this series published by CERE-India is a godsend. Compiled into six concise segments, these booklets cover the essential aspects of environmental sustainability with a specific focus on climate change. 

An African Diary: 12 Days in Kenya’s Magical Wilderness

August 2009: The author is a prolific writer whose books on the tiger have spawned conservation actions, films and campaigns. His decision to write on Africa met with more than a little resistance from his friend and wife, Sanjna who suggested that arrogance, not experience was the motivating factor.

Witness to Extinction: How We Failed to Save the Yangtze River Dolphin

August 2009: All that’s left on stage are the commemorative baiji statues. As for the baiji itself…it looks like it is the only thing not made in China anymore. Poor old Baiji. You deserved better. They stay with you – these words – so does the book and all that it signifies.

Indian Birds in Focus: Birds of the Indian Subcontinent and their Habitats

June 2009: Amano Samarpan has been a frequent visitor to India for the past three decades and he has a special interest in avifauna. Following the migration of the birds he loves to photograph, he has visited, studied and photographed them in a variety of habitat types. Indian Birds in Focus is a compilation of some of his best images and offers good value for money to anyone…

Wild City: Natural Wonders Next Door

I am reminded of Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes fame), half-submerged in dirt, digging for buried treasure – and his delight at finding dirty rocks and grubs – “there is treasure everywhere,” he exclaims…

Green Tapism

This is a valuable addition to the arsenal of those seeking to defang the lethal development machine that is running amok in India.

Silent Valley: Whispers of Reason

The ‘Save Silent Valley’ movement is one of the most hard-fought environmental victories in India. It brought together people from all walks of life in a struggle against a hydroelectric…

The Great Indian Elephant Book

"I have often heard people talk of elephant shooting as cruel and unsportsmanlike; for what reason I cannot imagine... it is a great shame to slaughter numbers of female elephants, which…

Jungle By-ways in India

Forest officers in the days of the Raj had the opportunity to indulge in what the author calls ‘first class sport’ while carrying out their official duties. Jungle By-Ways in India is an account of the various incidents and observations made by the author during his sixteen-year spell in the Indian Forest Service.

Where Communities Care

It is now widely accepted that conservation and management of our natural resources cannot be done without the support and active participation of local communities.

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