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Tiger, Lord Of The Jungle

October 2010: The authors use text and images to stir us to action to protect the tiger. They ask with some consternation: “Is the tiger on the road to extinction because we aren’t interested in it? Because of a lack of support for its cause? Or a bit of both?”

Satpada, Our World Of Insects

October 2010: The objective of this book is to evoke interest in insects amongst students (high school and college) and amateur naturalists and help in the identification of commonly seen ones. It is also aimed at providing a glimpse into the world of  insects and to help understand why they are such a successful group.

The Green Pen – Environmental Journalism In India And South Asia

October 2010: This is a collection of essays organised in sections devoted to: Environmental Journalism and Reporting, Science, Health and the Environment, Wildlife Journalism, Environment and Water, Reporting on Disasters, Photojournalism, Communicating on the Environment, 

Handbook Of The Mammals Of South Asia, With Special Emphasis On India, Bhutan And Bangladesh

October 2010: The authors have put together vital information that would be useful to researchers, teachers and keen wildlifers. The purpose of the book, say the authors, is to: “present a thorough account of the heritage of mammal diversity in India and its adjoining areas.”

Glimpses From India's Natural World

October 2010: This is a tight little book that will surely be useful to teachers and others interested in imparting simple nature education to children and to the uninitiated.

Conservation At The Crossroads

August 2010: The author has tried honestly to document the steady decline of India’s forests and the biodiversity they once harboured. If her narrative sounds confused and contradictory in places, it is because of the conflicting circumstances that dominate India’s natural vistas, not an infirmity of analysis on her part.

Wild Vistas

August 2010: Excellent photography and high production values combine to make this a “must have” book. It serves as an archive of wildlife conservation in Karnataka. The text champions the strategy of using eco-tourism to conserve nature: “The dilemma for us is to reconcile the principles of ecotourism, while being flexible enough to appreciate the fact that standards on ecotourism…

Living Jewels From The Indian Jungle

August 2010: Third in a series of books based on the Bombay Natural History Society’s (BNHS) incredible collection of journals, art and manuscripts, this is a well-produced, carefully-edited book that would be a valuable addition to anyone’s library.

Birds In Books – Three Hundred Years Of South Asian Ornithology A Bibliography

June 2010: Many decades back Tim Inskipp, one of the great doyens of Indian ornithology, showed me his bibliography of works on birds of the Indian subcontinent and from thereon I was hooked. For many years I corresponded with him, keeping him updated on new material available in India, buying old books when I could find (more importantly afford) them.

Eaarth: Making A Life On A Tough New Planet

June 2010: Various words come to mind when thinking of Bill McKibben: writer, activist, environmentalist, neighbour, family man, humanist, would be among the nouns. Indefatigable, tireless, persistent, dogged, brilliant, humanist, would be among the adjectives. There’s humanist again, noun and adjective. Yes, Bill McKibben, in my book anyway, is above everything else, a humanist.

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