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The Greatest Shown On Earth

June 2011: “The Archbishop of Canterbury has no problem with evolution, nor does the Pope (give or take a wobble over the precise palaeontological juncture when the human soul was injected), nor do educated priests and professors of theology.  This is a book about the positive evidence that evolution is a fact.”

The Tiger: A True Story Of Vengeance And Survival

April 2011: The Tiger, as its title claims, is a true and gripping story of a man-eater in Primorye, Russia that not only consumed its human prey, but hunted an individual poacher with motive and intent. The author’s scope is hugely ambitious and he succeeds in putting the reader within the mind, and yes, feelings, of both man and beast. In doing so, Vaillant makes the tiger…

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity: Ecological and Economic Foundations

April 2011: One of the simplest truths of life on Earth is that everything Homo sapiens is, achieves, and produces, is a gift of the natural world. A second truth is that modern economies systematically fail to recognise the first one. The combination of the first and second truths is driving our planet and every species on it to the edge of a precipice.

The Goan Jungle Book

February 2011: A small, unobtrusive book, The Goan Jungle Book nevertheless  provides a wealth of information on a rich biodiversity section of the Western Ghats in Goa that is little known and even less appreciated. Though Goa is blessed with mega fauna including the tiger, leopard, wild dog and gaur, the author has very intentionally chosen to focus his attention on the…

The World Bank In India – Undermining Sovereignty, Distorting Development: Independent People's Tribunal On The World Bank In India

February 2011: A compilation of home truths about one of the most dangerous financial institutions in the world, which has been responsible for hastening both biodiversity loss and climate change, this book is an indictment of the social and environmental impacts of the World Bank’s lending.

Voices In The Wilderness – Contemporary Wildlife Writings

December 2010: Like bookends, the Editor has chosen to arrange her chapters with those all-time wildlife greats M. Krishnan and F.W. Champion up front and Kailash Sankhala at the end. In between she has selected a very wide range of contemporary authors with an equally wide range of styles and opinions.

Natural History And The Indian Army

December 2010: Both authors are steeped in the subject and have put together a fairly comprehensive retrospective spanning 225 years of the Indian Army’s association with wildlife and natural history.

Natural Resources Conservation Law

December 2010: The author is part of the faculty of the National Law School of India, Bangalore, and is imminently qualified to write a virtual compendium of laws that concern the natural resources of India. Chapters that range from a background on issues surrounding economics of natural resources and environmental justice provide a sort of platform on which legislation can be viewed.

Fragments Of Natural History

December 2010: Written by a consummate naturalist with a flair for both language and substance, this ‘Guide for the Informed Layperson’ would be a very welcome addition to the library of anyone with more than a passing interest in natural history.

Protected Areas Of Bangladesh, A Guide To Wildlife

October 2010: The author, a wildlife biologist, is Assistant Professor of Zoology in Bangladesh’s Jahangirnagar University. The book is an outcome of many years he spent on researching and photographing the rich biological heritage of Bangladesh, which “lies in the subtropical belt at the confluence of the two major biotic sub-regions of the Oriental Region: the Indo-Himalaya and…

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