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The Folded Earth

June 2012: A narrative account of our times set in the Himalaya, the story revolves around the trauma suffered by Maya, a teacher-writer whose escape into the natural haven of Ranikhet is threatened by administrators who do not share the same love and concern for nature. A well-written fictionalised account of real-life experiences being faced by thousands across a changing subcontinent.

A Pictorial Guide To Non-Human Primates Of India

June 2012: With a foreword by Jane Goodall and condensed information supported by colour plates, the book is a welcome addition to the natural history archives of India.

My Kumaon, Uncollected Writings

June 2012: This is a treasure trove of unpublished letters, diary notes and articles written for newspapers. It’s a must-buy for anyone who admires this legendary hunter-conservationist.

New Releases: Butterflies Of Mumbai

June 2012: The book serves as a butterfly guide book for amateur naturalists who will find the indexing convenient and the species organisation lucid and useful.

Wildlife Of The Himalayas And The Terai Region

June 2012: The Bombay Natural History Society, more than any other organisation in India, has gifted this nation with a categorised, archival record of the natural wealth of the Indian subcontinent, which serves as baseline data to help us know how to chart our future conservation path.

The Politics Of Climate Change And The Global Crisis – Mortgaging Our Future

April 2012: Sanctuary’s February cover story, fittingly titled ‘Equity, Ecology and Economics, on the Descent of the Ministry of Environment and Forests’, provides a fanfare for Praful Bidwai’s new book and plunges to the very heart of his thesis: that when the vexed politics surrounding climate change are peeled away, those steering this country’s fate and…

Field Guide To The Marine Life Of India

February 2012: In a country dominated by bird, mammal and insect and even tree guides, the arrival of an illustrated field guide to the marine life of India must be celebrated.

India’s Environmental History

December 2011: Edited by Mahesh Rangarajan, Professor of Modern Indian History, Delhi University and Director, Nehru Memorial Museum and K. Sivaramakrishnan, Professor of Anthropology, and Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University.

The Nature Principle: Human Restoration And The End Of Nature Deficit Disorder

August 2011: What would our lives be like if our days and nights were as immersed in nature as they are in technology? How can each of us help create that life-enhancing world, not only in a hypothetical future, but right now, for our families and for ourselves?  - Richard Louv.

Me… Jane

June 2011: Since Jane Goodall’s passion for animals began in early childhood, what better audience to create a pictorial biography of her than for very young children? What a beautiful, heart-stirring book!

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