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The Book of Trees

Global warming and world hunger are undoubtedly two of the biggest issues facing humanity. The Book of Trees takes an in-depth look at how trees can solve both problems – mitigating climate change…

Monster of God

Of the phrase alpha predator, Quammen says, “In purely scientific terms, the grouping is artificial; it has no taxonomic or ecological basis. It is psychological, as registered in the human mind.”…

Birds and Mammals of Ladakh

Despite its location and harsh weather conditions, both the fauna and avifauna of Ladakh has attracted a lot of attention for several centuries.

Birds of Kangra

Ranging from 600 to over 4,000 m., the old Kingdom (now District) of Kangra has a remarkable range of scenery and habitats and an already impressive list of 555 bird species.

Important Bird Areas in India

One of the great pleasures of growing old is to share in the success of institutions and persons associated with them. Recently I was privileged to be a part of the release function…

The Big Open – On foot across Tibet’s Chang Tang

Make a mental picture of an icy, insurmountable and impregnable region, enveloped by an azure dome and fleeting immaculate clouds.

The Ramachandra Guha Omnibus

A book where Sociology, Economics and Environment meet, making The Ramachandra Guha Omnibus an almost perfect collection of work on various issues that arise from our need to protect the environment.

Zoo in the Garden

Fondly remembered as EHA, E.H. Aitken was born at Satara in Maharashtra, where he grew up to be an eloquent writer, illuminating the splendid world of nature, through his works.


I must admit, I did roll my eyes when I first read environmental activist Jim Britell’s words of praise on the cover of Ishmael: “From now on I will divide the books I have read into two categories – the…

Forest Trees of South India

“Our ancestors knew the plants and their utility in the field of health and other avenues. But our present generation has become ignorant about these…

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