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Common Indian Wild Flowers

Readers of Hornbill, the BNHS' magazine will be familiar with Isaac Kehimkar’s regular feature on Indian wild flowers. Beautiful and wild – flowers of a myriad hues are found along roadsides, in backyards, in our forests and countryside. 

Dams and Development

Prepared by experts who are deeply involved with the engineering, environmental, social and institutional concerns of rivers and dams, the World Commission on Dams and Development (WCD) report is an independent analysis that explains, questions and debates the rationale (or lack of it) behind large dams.

The Birds of Assam

Anwaruddin Choudhury’s earlier book The Checklist of the birds of Assam documented the diversity of avifauna of this north-eastern state.

India’s Wildlife History

India’s Wildlife History looks at the landmark events that have shaped or influenced the country’s wildlife past.

The Ultimate Ranthambhore Guide

"Until the British arrived, the people of the area lived freely and easily in the forests. They revered the sun, the moon and Vaghdeo, the tiger god they worshipped as the lord of the forest." 

Trees of India

A variety of flowering and non-flowering trees are found in the Indian subcontinent and Trees of India captures this rich botanical heritage within its pages.

Journal of Ecological Society, Vol. 13 & 14, 2000-01

Did you know that Pune's biodiversity is richer than any other metropolis in the country? But increasing river pollution, urbanisation and cutting of trees is accelerating the process of degradation of Pune's environment…

Biodiversity Conservation Priorities, Vol. I and II

These two volumes present a summary of the findings and conclusions of the Biodiversity Conservation Prioritisation Project (BCPP), a comprehensive exercise to prioritise sites, species and strategies for biodiversity conservation.

National Parks and Sanctuaries

National Parks and Sanctuaries in India provides information on the legal aspects of over 540 national parks and sanctuaries in India created under the Wildlife Protection Act,…

And the Bamboo Flowers in the Indian Forests

This is an interesting and enlightening series – the result of a study on the devastating impact of the Pulp and Paper Industry (PPI) on tropical forests in India and the role of the state…

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