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Wolf Trails

Join the handsome Copperleaf wolf pack in their fascinating journey to freedom. The book opens in a fenced yard where wolves are imprisoned and kept in an animal experimentation laboratory by an unfeeling…

Flowers of Sahyadri

Yellow, purple, bright pink, orange... a myriad hues greet the reader of Flowers of Sahyadri. Probably the first detailed field guide on the flora of the breathtaking Sahyadri ranges of the Western Ghats in peninsular India, this is a beautifully illustrated book. This valuable guide covers 500 flowers occurring in these ranges.


"Is the tiger a lost cause, or is there some reason for hope?" K. Ullas Karanth, one of India's best known tiger specialists asks and then goes on to convincingly make a case for tiger…

Waterbirds of Northern India

India has about 4.1 million hectares of wetland habitat and it is estimated that more than three million waterbirds arrive in our country every winter.

Bridge of God

The result of a trip to the Masai Mara, Bridge of God captures images of the rich African landscape. "For me, I have never had such an experience in my life – a superb feast of wildlife... they are the best large open spaces to see and dotted with an array of the finest creatures that walk our planet."

Landscapes and Lives

"Fruit trees – guava, jackfruit, roseapple, mango, jujube, etc. – overhanging with lush fruit welcome visitors to the village.

Our Birds

This is a pocket-sized bilingual booklet of 76 pages published by the Nature Club Surat. The text is written in both English and Gujarati.

Tribal Self-rule

The strongest allies of the forest are the tribal communities who call it their home.


"I was looking into the face of the animal I had sought for so long. I heard nothing but my heartbeat. I felt naked and alone, as I confronted wild, untouchable beauty.

Forests of Kashmir

"The forest area of the State, covering an area of 2.02 million hectares, is forest in name only with most of it barren and degraded whose density cover does not entitle it to the definition of…

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