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Social Media Campaign Draws Attention To Pangolins

Social Media Campaign Draws Attention To Pangolins

In honour of World Pangolin Day 2016 (February 20th), UK-based NGO, Peoplefor Pangolins has launched for the second year running the social media campaign called#pumpit4pangolins.

The campaign aims to raise both awareness and funds for pangolin conservation by inviting people across the globe to take on the challenge of rolling up like a pangolin and doing 20 crunches to show their support for pangolin conservation. Participants are encouraged to upload a video of themselves taking on the challenge to social media with the hashtag #pumpit4pangolins whilst nominating their friends to do the same and to donate £5 for on-the-ground pangolin conservation projects in Asia.

The campaign video and link to the donation gateway can be found at: https://www.peopleforpangolins.org/-pumpit4pangolins.html

Native to Africa and Asia, including India, all eight pangolin species are currently suffering from rapid decline. Fuelled by the demand for pangolin products in East Asia, poaching has devastated populations in the wild. Although international agreements have cracked down to minimize pangolin trade out of Africa, further action is needed to raise the profile of the plight for pangolins. “Social media has the power of reaching people across the world to raise awareness and interest for issues of international importance,” said Alegria Olmedo, co-director of People for Pangolins. “Following the theory of gamification, we designed the #pumpit4pangolins campaign last year to engage people in a fun, memorable activity while building momentum for World Pangolin Day,” she added.

This campaign is the first event led by People for Pangolins and funds raised will go straight into supporting activities carried out by Save Vietnam’s Wildlife’s pangolin rescue centre in Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam. Their activities involve rescue, rehabilitation and release of pangolins that have been confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade. People for Pangolins is currently looking for more partners in both Asia and Africa to support pangolin conservation efforts. www.peopleforpangolins.org

People for Pangolins

Supports and encourages projects and people across the globe who are committed to conserving pangolin species. We aim to increase awareness about these incredible creatures and the threats that are currently driving them towards extinction.

For more information contact:

Aakash Lamba (Co-Director) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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