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River Wild

This image was shot on May 12, 2013 while trekking in Lower Dachigam National Park. Inside the protected area the Dagwan River, which originates from Himalayan glaciers above Dachigam, flows pure and clean and sustains a myriad life forms including Kashmir's famous hangul deer, Cervus elaphus hanglu, black and brown bear and leopards.

Dagwam river Dachigam Photography by Bittu Sahgal.

This river also happens to be Srinagar's lifeline as it supplies the city with much of its drinking water and  feeds the Dal Lake, which is central to the sustenance of Srinagar's citizens. Young Kashmiris are engaged in a massive campaign right now to keep the Dagwan river and the Dachigam forests free of disturbances, which  come from illegal and legal (the J&K government runs a sheep farm INSIDE the national park) grazing, poaching and pollution. Protecting wildlife is synonymous with the protection of wild rivers across the Indian subcontinent.


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