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Bangalore’s Frogs At Risk!

Bangalore’s Frogs At Risk!

Several attempts are being made to popularise frogs in our cities. To this end, the ‘Bangalore’s Frogs at Risk!’ poster by Seshadri K.S., Krishna M.B. and Sunil Kumar M., 2012 is being distributed free of charge in Bangalore.

This poster has all the 17 species of amphibians recorded from Bangalore so far. It represents an attempt to bring the frogs and toads one leap closer to our hearts!

Frogs and toads have received much attention in our fables and in history. Their role in controlling insects and their importance in the food chain are well known. But still, with the increased pace of urbanisation and the unprecedented growth of Bangalore, frogs and toads are losing the race. We just have not done enough for them.

Draining of waterbodies and climate change in general are affecting their survival. Vehicular traffic takes its toll in two ways. Firstly, they are often run over by vehicles, and secondly, increased traffic noise affects their breeding behaviour. Noise renders their calls inaudible. While it is impossible to curtail the growth of a city, a little ecological consideration, will go a long way in conserving these beautiful life forms. Frog friendly landscape design would surely help in their survival.

To download the poster, click here.

Source: Sanctuary Asia.


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