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Feasts, Famines and a Tale of Two Primates

June 2011: I countered the chill of an early rainforest morning by walking briskly along the damp forest trail towards where I had left my study group of lion-tailed macaques (LTM) Macaca silenus the previous night. The shrill cackle of the Grey Jungle Fowl Gallus sonneratii stridently called the denizens of the day to wakefulness.

A Monkey Watcher’s Diary

October 2010: A huge crashing sound from the nearby trees stops me in my tracks. I reach for my binoculars to peer through gaps in an otherwise impenetrable canopy, but see nothing. Pushing stealthily, eyes on the canopy, I am rewarded with the sight of two monkeys demolishing the juicy fruits of sam kothal or Artocarpus chama, which belongs to the jackfruit family.

An Encounter With A Sloth Bear

Early June 2010. Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, Karnataka. The forest is monsoon green. With me in the legendary ‘Main Watchtower’ is Chikanna, caretaker of the Kalhalla Forest Resthouse. From my vantage point, I am gifted with clear visibility thanks to three firebreaks. Just under 100 m. away, I can see the waterhole, which has offered naturalists some of the finest wildlife sightings imaginable.

The Striped Hyaenas – A Taxonomic Relict

The cold desert wind had picked up speed and the temperature had plummeted to less than two degrees celsius. It was possibly one of the coldest nights of January 2008. Savoji, my field assistant and I sat still and silent.

Tara – A Tigress by Billy Arjan Singh

January/March 1982: In a world that has eventually realised the value of its natural wealth, most nations are engaged in a race to save what is left of their wildlife, forests and natural areas. But for some animals it may already be too late. Tigers for instance, though saved temporarily, have been isolated in pockets on the sub-continent and do not have the opportunity to intermix…

New Eyes in a Dark Forest

Back-of-beyond Arunachal Pradesh! We had heard so much about the magic and rich biodiversity of this land that when we got a chance to be part of an expedition to Namdapha, we did not think twice about accepting! Having worked in…

Go Get Wet

Photograph by Vandit KaliaThe furious hand-gesture caught my eye and its meaning was unequivocal – a shark! Following the sign, I looked down into the depths where the deep blue sea appeared almost black, and sure enough, I could make…

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