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The Leatherback Story

June 2012: January 11, 2012 – “We can leave at twelve o’clock,” announces Tesoro, a senior field assistant at the remote Leatherback Camp on Little Andaman Island.

A Traditional Hunt

April 2012: The call came in on December 16, 2011, at 2:45 p.m. A group of Santhal tribals from the Hooghly district of West Bengal were about to embark on a wild cat hunt. I had long heard of these hunts and was curious to know why they hunted and what their modus operandi was.

Dam The Lepchas

April 2012: Photojournalist Shailendra Yashwant writes about threats to Dzongu, the legendary land of the Lepchas,in the Himalayan state of Sikkim in India.

Protecting Paradise

February 2012: On November 25, 2011, two Rapid Response Units (RRUs) were delivered to the Kanha Tiger Reserve. The off-road vehicle was supported by three motorbikes and equipment that now enables field staff to handle poaching gangs, deal with man-animal conflicts, safely tranquillise and transport carnivores and dispense emergency first aid.

Beyond The Last Village

February 2012: The authors share with us their insightful experience of a biodiversity expedition to Nagaland to explore areas that could be targetted for nature conservation. The idea was conceptualised by Sreenivasan (Ramki) Ramakrishnan and Bano Haralu with inputs from Dr. Ajith Kumar. The survey was funded by the Nagaland Forest Department.

Sutlej: A River Returns

October 2011: It was an amazing sight for me as I reached Kasur District on the Indo-Pak border in late August. After Indo-Pak border in late August. After 15 years the gorgeous Sutlej river had returned, full force, to run in its native course with around eighty thousands cusecs of water flowing in its bed. For most people, this was no more than a memory and they had long…

Melghat's New Lease of Life

October 2011:Rich soil held tight by a deep network of roots against the mountain winds and rain, clear streams, birdsong in the air, a mosaic of grasses and trees powered by the sun… Gaur and sambar feel at home again and the striped predator’s pugmarks announce its domination. 

When A Cold Desert Blooms

August 2011: I stood at the edge of the precipice, spellbound. Before me lay a carpet of flowers, painting the landscape with their dazzling hues. I could probably tick off every hue on the colour palette. Delicate green fronds wound their way between purple, yellow and pink petals. The valley was bursting with life and I was thrilled to be there.

Human Disease Hinders Anti-Poaching Efforts In Indian Nature Reserves

July 22, 2011: Where hunting pressure is high, anti-poaching efforts are often crucial for protecting native wildlife populations in nature reserves. However, many reserves suffer from inadequate support and provisioning of staff, especially in developing nations.

The Hoopoe-Lark

June 2011: It disappeared in a flash of striking wing patterns but, just for a second, I had a view of black wing feathers with a white base and a white tail with black outer feathers. I stood mesmerised, wanting to savour more of this attractive bird in the arid desert landscape.

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