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Cashew Feni And Forest Tales – Camera Trapping In The Countryside

With support from the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Wildlife Conservation Society – India, Department of Science and Technology, Maharashtra Forest Department and the Tillari Biodiversity Research Trust, Anushka Rege undertook a vital research project to study mammals in the forest-cashew plantation landscape of the Tillari region in Maharashtra’s Western Ghats. Here, she met life-loving…

Incidental Catch – What I Found In My Search For The Elusive Seahorse

After travelling and interacting with fishing communities along coastal India for six months, Tanvi Vaidyanathan is concerned for the future of the elusive seahorse.

Gabbar – Battle-Scarred Survivor

The team responsible for tracking and protecting Maharashtra’s Tadoba’s tigers narrate an extraordinary tale about an extraordinary tiger.

The Fall Of A Serow

Munib Khanyari investigates why a rare Himalayan serow tumbled down, dead, in the outskirts of the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary.

Central Funds To Kaziranga Remain Unspent, Other Trouble Brews

The authors write about routine, ‘under the radar’ issues that plague wildlife conservation. While the loss of rhinos is quickly (and justifiably) dramatised by the media, the causes and potential solutions are neither analysed, nor highlighted with equal emphasis. Yet, it is the plugging of just such loopholes in implementation that holds the key to the good governance vital to protecting our vanishing wilds.

Birding In The Kingdom Of Happiness

The mythical Shangri-La might well be in Bhutan, suggests Bhanu Singh, for whom each moment in the mountains offered ‘sightings’ to remember.

The Priceless Value Of One

On a visit to the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation in Assam, Pranav Capila finds himself drawn into a world of wild orphans and unorthodox surrogate mothers.

Banj, Beasts And People – Life On The Fringe Of The Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary

While walking through the degraded Banj oak forests of the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary in the company of villagers, Upma Manral worries that exclusionist forest policies are alienating communities from nature.

Conserving The Kharmor In M.P.

Endemic to the Indian subcontinent, the endangered Lesser Florican is dependent on undisturbed grasslands. Ajay Gadikar shares his observations on the status of the species in Madhya Pradesh, a state with two sanctuaries dedicated to the bird.

Birds In The Sand

On the sandbars that dot a stretch of the Mahanadi river in the Chandaka Wildlife Division, Sumant Kumar Rajguru records the very first nesting of the Indian Skimmer in Odisha!

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