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The Changing Karbi Foothills: Frontiers Of Conflict

The Karbi foothills are historically the abode of the Asian elephant. Rituraj Phukan delves into the intricacies of the human-elephant conflict that has been rapidly escalating for the past few decades here as human activities continue to fragment their habitat.

Two Years With Mud On Our Boots

When the Sanctuary Nature Foundation launched the Mud on Boots Project in January 2017, I was several shades more naive than I am today. Perhaps that was for the better, because I’m quite certain that if I had an inkling of the enormous amount of commitment, coordination and grit that the project would grow to demand from our small team, I would never have suggested it in the first place. But as it were, I was clueless,…

Caucasus – Asia Meets Europe

As he straddles the boundaries of Russia and Azerbaijan through the Caucasus, where Asiatic and European flora and fauna converge, M.K. Ranjitsinh sights majestic mammals native to the region and birds in the Shirwan National Park. Recounting his travels along the picturesque Black Sea coast, he traces the history of the region and underscores the magic of these impressive mountain ranges.

In Search Of The Himalayan Myth

Puskar Basu embarked on a journey to the remotest corners of the trans-Himalaya to photograph the snow leopard only to discover that this unparalleled, biodiverse landscape had so much more to offer.

Phantom Quest – Into The Lair Of The Grey Ghost

Few people have the legs and lungs to walk where the author walked in the Eastern Himalaya. Supported by the Department of Environment and Forest, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Rajarshi Chakraborty and his team went out in search of the snow leopard, in tough, but stunningly beautiful terrain. Possibly the most climate-threatened of all the large cats, its survival could well be dependent on how…

Doting Dads And Marauding Males – The Story Of Parental Care Behaviour In Raorchestes Chalazodes

Dr. Seshadri K.S. writes of the white-spotted bush frogs’ parental care behaviour, which he observed in Tamil Nadu’s Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR).

Quadripartite Association

On a night walk in the Doyang Valley, Dr. Anish Andheria stumbles upon a rarely recorded phenomenon – a four-party association between three insects belonging to three different orders (Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera and Hemiptera)… and a plant!

The Call Of The Chengu

In a remote area of the Zunheboto district of Nagaland, village communities are creating community conserved areas to protect their forests. They are also working to put an end to hunting and unsustainable fishing. Dr. Pia Sethi writes of the people’s creative efforts to develop bird and biodiversity-based ecotourism.

Sunabeda – Once A Bastion For Wildlife, Now On The Brink

Once a bastion for wildlife, now on the brink, says Satyesh Naik who makes a case for the ecological resurrection of Odisha’s Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary.

On The Shore Of Life And Death

In Odisha’s Ganjam district, a concerted effort by the Forest Department, NGOs and local communities is underway to ensure safe passage for thousands of olive Ridley hatchlings at the Gokharkuda beach, reports Pranav Capila.

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