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Local Support For A Tiger Reserve At Mhadei

August 2, 2011: Dear Honourable Chief Minister of Goa, Shri Digamber Kamat,


We are writing to you in support of the request from the Ministry of Environment and Forests to the State Government of Goa to expedite and send the proposal for a tiger reserve at Mhadei.


Please find enclosed the copy of the appeal launched online to garner support for the tiger reserve at Mhadei, Sattari. Here is a link to the on-line petition. For any other supporting data please check here. The emphasis as you will learn on reading the appeal is on the conservation of our rich forest, its endemic species and most importantly the catchment areas of our many rivers. Many of us are unaware and ignorant of how our forests are important for our survival as a species. Our everyday life is dependent on these forests right from the basics of water, food and medicines. Deforestation, industrial and infrastructural development, agriculture, mining and such human activity close to virgin forests is increasingly proving to be a huge threat to our biodiversity, its species, the tiger  and important wildlife corridor.


We urge you to ensure the protection of these pristine areas.


We also exhort you to make and involve the forest communities along with the forest staff/ officers as co managers and partners of the proposed tiger habitat and its management and work towards their community welfare.


Perhaps Goa can set an example of its people, the government and the forest community working together to protect, conserve and successfully manage its rich, bio diverse green heritage and asset.


Please peruse through the said document and do the needful to send the proposal at the earliest. Download the complete report in PDF format here.


Looking forward to a positive response from you,


Warm regards,

Tallulah D’Silva,

Mission Green Goa,



Copy to:

1.       Shri Alexio Sequeira, Environment Minister, Goa

2.       Shri Filipe Neri Rodrigues, Forest Minister, Goa

3.       Shri Sanjay Srivastav, Chief Secretary of Goa

4.       Shrimati Pratibha Patil, President of India

5.       Shri Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India

6.       Ministry of Environment and Forests

7.       Wildlife Institute of India

8.       National Tiger Authority


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