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Off-Roads And Off-Limits

Off-roading may sound like fun, but it could kill fragile ecosystems and species.

‘Bullet’ Train Project

The ambitious Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail (MAHSR) or ‘Bullet’ Train Project has mystically secured the wildlife and Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) clearances from the Union Environment Ministry committees, despite much consternation, confusion, clamour and resistance. This is a distressing trend observed with most other destructive, developmental project clearances. Apart from the massive damage this will do…

Is It The End Of The Line For The Great Indian Bustard?

An intricate network of overhead power lines breaks the monotony of the bristly grasslands. Set against this backdrop, the iconic Great Indian Bustard (GIB) holds on to survival in western India. If it’s lucky this bird will fly off into the horizon in a picturesque silhouette. But if statistics are to be believed, and the bird’s physical abilities taken into account, it is more likely that it will meet a grisly…

Attack On India’s Coastline

India’s 7,000 sq. km. coastline is critical to the survival of all those who live within our borders, irrespective of how far they live from the coast. The biodiversity of our coasts survives in a continuum with the inland biodiversity and ecosystems of India and as the planet’s climate continues to become more unstable by the day, protecting our coastal assets is no longer a luxury, it is a survival imperative.

Fighting The Good Fight! India’s Modern-Day Freedom Movement

For almost four decades Sanctuary has been at the fulcrum of some of India’s best and least-known wildlife campaigns. Our purpose has been to inform and involve our readers and, through them, wider audiences on issues that threaten species, wildernesses and, all too often the very air, water and lands with which our lives are so inextricably linked.

Save The Aravallis

The biodiverse Aravalli range is being degraded by rampant ‘developmental’ projects. Ask your government to protect India’s oldest mountain range.

Karanpura Must Live – The Story Of A Campaign To Save A Landscape

Bulu Imam knew, well before it was accepted by the world, that coal mining in biodiversity hotspots was not just unsustainable, but downright dangerous. He spoke of water shortages and climate effects long before scientists raised their global alarms. After a lifetime of battling the dismal ones, principally led by the World Bank and its camp followers, he has now dedicated his life to documenting…

Round 2: Tiger Temple Takedown

Sanctuary Nature Foundation is reviving the #TigerTempleTakedown, a campaign developed to build awareness on the neglect, abuse and illegal trade of tigers at the hands of Thailand's Tiger Temple that is now in the process of constructing an offshoot tiger zoo next door.

Giant Refugees

On the outskirts of Bhubaneswar city, Odisha, a herd of wild elephants is caught in simmering conflict with humans. These elephants are regularly harassed and abused as they wander rural lands and degraded forests in search of food. Urge the Chief Minister of the state to implement short-term and long-term solutions for their protection.

Raising Sheep In A Protected Area

Shifting the state-owned sheep-breeding farm out of Kashmir’s Dachigam National Park is a critical priority, if the last-remaining population of the endangered hangul deer is to be protected.

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